At Wall Beds of Oregon, we value custom solutions. Why? Because every room is different and one size does not fill all. A straight-from-the-box factory-produced bed may arrive within a couple days, but you will compromise on comfort, durability, and design. It’s simply the difference between custom and production work.

We also know each home has a unique style, which is why we offer a variety of quality mechanisms integrated into custom-stained and finished hardwoods, painted woods and 60 different colors of melamine for you to choose from. Need additional cabinetry and shelving in order to get organized? We have that too. Want to hide your bed in a closet? We can do that. Worried that your attic guest room can’t fit a vertical bed? We offer horizontal options. Thinking about a tiny house? We’ll help you maximize a small space.

We utilize the following mechanisms:

  • Murphy bed: Economical option available in side-fold or end-fold; ideal for occasional guest use
  • SICO Eurobed: Ideal for everyday use, vacation rentals, and studio apartments
  • SICO Room Maker: The ultimate in comfort and durability

We also offer a range of specialty wall beds, including library beds, beds that can integrate into a closet, and what we like to call “super-custom” jobs. Think your home might need one? Come into our showroom and find out!

The cost and timeline of each project depends on your needs and parameters, so come in today for a fun, easy walk-through with one of our design specialists. We are dedicated to finding the perfect bed for your unique needs.