Installation Process
Installation Process

Installation Process

Our mission is to ensure your happiness at every step of our comprehensive custom process. We aim to delight you, from the initial spark of inspiration to the precise and attentive white-glove installations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

People & Processes You Can Trust

For over four decades, dating back to 1979, our unwavering dedication has been focused on crafting wall bed systems that are not only structurally robust but also exude sophistication. This commitment has driven us to create solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of needs and sensibilities. Through the years, our expertise has evolved, allowing us to consistently deliver wall beds that blend functionality and elegance seamlessly. This rich history of craftsmanship and innovation underscores our passion for ensuring that your wall bed system not only meets but exceeds your expectations, promising durability, style, and functionality.

Our Trusted Team

Our installation team comprises dedicated company employees, eliminating reliance on unreliable subcontractors. They play a pivotal role in project success. We hire career-focused individuals who continuously improve their skills. Like our designers, some installers have been with us for over a decade, ensuring expertise and reliability.
Before we begin, we conduct a thorough assessment of your job and ensure that all necessary materials and components are readily available. This meticulous preparation ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, minimizing any delays or interruptions.
Armed with a comprehensive toolkit and a wealth of experience, our installers are well-prepared to assemble and install your project with precision and expertise. They are equipped to make any necessary adjustments on-site, ensuring that your wall bed or storage solution fits perfectly within your space.
After the installation is complete, our commitment to a clean and organized workspace is unwavering. We leave your area spotless, free from debris or packaging materials, allowing you to enjoy your newly transformed space immediately.
Quality is paramount in our work. Our team conducts a rigorous inspection of the finished project, meticulously reviewing every detail to ensure it meets our exacting standards. This final check ensures that your wall bed or storage solution is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and built to last.
Throughout the entire process, you can expect nothing less than friendly, courteous service, and a deep commitment to precision and detail. Our installers are dedicated to your satisfaction, and they won’t consider the job complete until you are absolutely delighted with the results. Your happiness is our ultimate goal, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

From Start to Finish

When your space undergoes a transformation into a versatile flex room or a welcoming guest bedroom, our dedicated installers step in to make it happen smoothly. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their tasks
Our installers begin by conducting a thorough review of all wall measurements. This careful verification process ensures that the project aligns precisely with the provided specifications, guaranteeing a seamless fit within your space.
Protecting your existing surfaces and flooring is a top priority. Installers take meticulous care to safeguard these areas, utilizing protective coverings and materials to prevent any potential damage during the installation process.
If your project involves the removal of any agreed-upon built-in elements, our installers execute this task in accordance with the pre-established plans. This process is carried out with precision and attention to detail.
To preserve the architectural integrity of your space, our team carefully removes and sets aside baseboard trim for future reinstallation. This ensures that the final result seamlessly integrates with your room’s design.
The necessary components and materials are thoughtfully brought into your space, ready for assembly. Our installers meticulously organize and prepare these elements for the installation process.
Our skilled installers excel in the art of assembly. They expertly piece together the components, ensuring a secure fit, and anchor them to the walls. This step is vital for stability and long-term durability.
Following assembly, every surface is meticulously cleaned to achieve a pristine finish. This attention to detail ensures that your project not only functions flawlessly but also looks immaculate.
Our team takes great care in leaving your space in excellent condition. They diligently clean up their work areas, disposing of any debris or waste materials, ensuring that your room is ready for immediate use.
A comprehensive walk-through of the completed project is conducted. This meticulous inspection serves to confirm that every detail aligns with your expectations and the project’s original design.
Our installers are readily available to address any questions or concerns you may have. They provide clarity and guidance, ensuring that you are fully informed and satisfied with the transformation of your space.
Before concluding their work, we request your sign-off on the Installation Report. This important step ensures that you are entirely content with the finished project, and it marks the successful completion of the installation process.

Our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction extends not only throughout this transformative journey but also for the years to come. Our dedication to quality is underlined by the guarantee we provide for the custom-built cabinets integrated into your Murphy bed projects. This guarantee specifically covers any manufacturing and installation defects, and it is issued by the local franchise office from which you made your purchase.

Furthermore, the bed mechanisms utilized in our projects, including those from renowned manufacturers such as Sico, Murphy Bed, Hafele, and others, are backed by a limited use warranty. This warranty encompasses the bed mechanisms, lifts, and any additional specialty hardware.

We have the utmost confidence in the durability and longevity of your custom creation, thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship of our local artisans and the world-class capabilities of our facilities. With this comprehensive support and assurance, you can trust that your investment will stand the test of time, providing you with a functional and elegant solution for years to come. Your satisfaction and peace of mind remain our top priorities throughout this journey and into the future.

Ready to explore your options?

An expert designer will provide you with a free consultation either in the comfort of your home or through a virtual session. This consultation, spanning approximately one hour, will be dedicated to understanding your vision and identifying the most suitable solutions for your storage requirements.

Once we have a comprehensive grasp of your needs, we will present an extensive selection of product choices, showcase our past projects through photographs, and provide you with samples of the materials, hardware, and finishes at our disposal.