Options Galore

Customize your personal wall bed system with a multitude of design options. Choose from finishes like woodgrain melamine, high-gloss surfaces, solid colors, and sustainably sourced wood veneers. Consider door and drawer inserts for added flair and uniqueness. Elevate your design with unique handles, knobs, and moldings, creating a sophisticated touch.

Quality Materials

Choose from a wide range of options, including solid colors, woodgrain melamine, painted MDF, or clear-coated and custom-stained wood species, all available in our selection.


Infuse uniqueness into your Wall Bed design with personalized accessories. Your designer will offer tailored suggestions based on your design preferences and budget.


Elevate your design to a realm of opulence that matches your desires. From understated simplicity to awe-inspiring extravagance, these elements allow you to truly customize every facet of your system.


Adorn your units with unique handles and stylish knobs. Experiment with different combinations to further accentuate the style elements of your wall bed.

Ready to explore your options?

An expert designer will provide you with a free consultation either in the comfort of your home or through a virtual session. This consultation, spanning approximately one hour, will be dedicated to understanding your vision and identifying the most suitable solutions for your storage requirements.

Once we have a comprehensive grasp of your needs, we will present an extensive selection of product choices, showcase our past projects through photographs, and provide you with samples of the materials, hardware, and finishes at our disposal.